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Shut In Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Name : Shut In
Director : D.J. Caruso
Country : India
All Genres  Drama, Horror
IMDb: 6.9/10
Released Year :  10 Feb 2022
Cast In :  Rainey Qualley, Jake Horowitz, Luciana VanDette
Plot: When a young mother is barricaded inside a pantry by her violent ex-boyfriend, she must use ingenuity to protect her two small children from escalating danger while finding an escape.

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1- There’s nothing really unique about this film for it’s genre, but wow did director D. J. Caruso nail it with his excellent camera work in his shots, angles and color choices in the cinematography. He directed his cast perfectly, as every single performance – including the adorable little girl(s), was perfect. The stunning Rainey Qualley played the role of a struggling and recovered single mom still facing issues with her abusive ex, with utter perfection. You really felt her pain, struggles and desperation. Amateur writer Melanie Toast gave us (her first ever) near-flawless screenplay, with pretty much zero plot issues. Although I’m not a fan of slow paced films, this one had the pacing just right for the comfortable and well-used 89 min runtime. She is definitely a writer to watch out for. Sure there could’ve been maybe a bit more action, guts and gore, but then this would be a cliched film. The story was just right and original in its own way to keep the viewer in awe at the realism and possibility of every event in this film to happen to any ordinary person in this type of situation. Even the score was spot on, and the fact everything was so great in a clearly low budget film, makes Shut In even that much more impressive. I’m baffled at some of the wannabe reviewers and their low scores. This is pretty much a flawless film that will leave you silent and thinking for a long time after watching it. A most certain recommend – I’ll be watching it again for sure, and a well deserved 9/10 for the entire cast and crew giving us this suspenseful and entertaining little gem. You have my applause and standing ovation, ladies and gentlemen.

2- Salton Sea, Disturbia, Taking Lives, now these were top notch, engaging films. Shut In is more like I Am Number Four or xXx 3. Just lackluster filming at its finest. The Protagonist (Qualley) is a recovering addict who gets locked into a pantry when her 2 psycho addict friends pay a visit leaving her 2 children at their mercy. The film is set up to be an escape thriller even though the title seems to infer that she is more of an agoraphobe or shy, sheltered introvert that has to fend for herself. There is nothing wrong with having a simple plot but the other aspects need to reflect this and make up for the lack of story. There is little character development, the atmosphere is lazy and not as brooding or dark as it should be and there is no intrigue. The main character shows little ingenuity when trying to escape and no twists and turns for the story to progress. The villains are barely there and are not even close to being as menacing as they could have been save for Sammy (Vincent Gallo). He plays an excellent creep but is not used enough. Overall this film is just a snooze fest it’s basically just a matter of time before she gets out and waiting for her to get there is boring drivel. Watch Panic Room, Devil, Escape Room, Split, Crawl or even See For Me which came out recently.

Shut In Movie plot:

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